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Air filter Knecht LX1049 Honda

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Honda Civic 1.6 EJ B16A2 1994-1995
Honda Civic 1.5 EJ, EK D15Z6 1995-2001
Honda Civic 1.6 EK D16Y5
Honda Civic 1.6 EJ, EK, MB B16A2 1995-2001
Honda CR-V 2.0 RD B20B 1995-2001
Honda H-RV 1.6 1999-


Replaces OEM filters: 17220-P2J-003, 17220-P2M-Y00, 17220-P2M-Y00, 17220-P2N-A01, 17220-P2N-E01, 17220-P2N-E01HE


Dimensions - 190x197,5x49,8 mm

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