The contribution of the Honda corporation to the global automotive heritage is extensive. The Japanese brand represents the Far Eastern approach to creation and work, which is reflected in its vehicles. On the one hand, there is a focus on the product to make it perfect already at the design stage. On the other hand, there is the development of new technologies and, particularly importantly, the refinement of existing ones. After years of production, Honda vehicles have achieved the status of cult cars. The models produced in the 1990s set the style of the era and are now the object of desire for motoring enthusiasts. The high-revving Honda engines and particularly enjoyable handling of the cars provide pure driving pleasure, but they require technical culture and servicing in accordance with the art. Thanks to this, Japanese cars repay not only with driving emotions but also with reliability.


The reputation of Honda cars is primarily based on high-quality workmanship, thoughtful design, and technology refined in every detail. The production of reliable and durable vehicles by this Japanese brand is possible thanks to the use of high-quality structural elements, parts, and components. Honda has its fans in Poland who have been loyal to the brand for many years. You can still see many older "Japanese" cars on the streets that remain in good condition. Therefore, there is a constant demand for high-quality spare parts for Honda vehicles. Nowadays, thanks to proven suppliers, access to these parts is much easier, which also translates into affordable prices for Honda parts and components.

JDMSHOP offers high-quality Honda OEM parts, which allow us to provide our mechanical systems with factory-quality components labeled with the manufacturer's markings. The abbreviation OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to the producer of original parts that were supplied for first assembly on the production line. It is also an official classification of car parts introduced in Europe by the European Union. By choosing to purchase OEM parts and components, we can be sure that the selected element was produced in the same technological process as the factory-mounted part in Honda's factory.


High quality doesn't always have to mean buying an original Honda part. Aftermarket parts manufacturers often compete with each other by providing high-quality replacement parts for Honda cars at an affordable price. There are known cases where using aftermarket parts instead of Honda OEM parts can significantly improve the lifespan of a given system. A good example of this is polyurethane suspension bushings, which have several times longer lifespan than standard rubber bushings. Aftermarket replacements for Honda OEM parts are most commonly used when it comes to periodic maintenance parts. These include air filters, fuel filters, and brake system components. At Jdmshop, you can find high-quality replacement maintenance parts for Honda under well-known brand names such as Mahle/Knecht (air, cabin, and fuel filters), ATE, Ferodo, EBC (brake rotors and pads). Aftermarket parts and components from renowned companies, in most cases, do not differ in quality from the original Honda parts mounted on the production line. Often, the only noticeable difference for the customer is the more attractive price. is an online auto parts store for Honda cars, operating continuously for over 11 years, and enjoying positive feedback and trust from owners of this well-known Japanese brand. The store was created in response to high demand for purchasing original Honda OEM parts at attractive prices. In addition to individual customers, has been supplying original parts and replacements to a network of workshops specializing in repairs, tuning, and servicing of Honda vehicles for many years. Thanks to its wide, constantly updated range of products, our store can provide any type of part for any Honda model.

The absolute priorities in our store's operation are professionalism and customer service at the highest level. We offer a transparent and flexible pricing policy tailored to the needs and expectations of our regular customers. Customers of who make frequent and larger purchases can count on individual pricing and attractive discounts. Regardless of the size of the shopping cart, we guarantee professional order fulfillment and timely delivery of purchased Honda parts.

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Genuine Honda OEM parts. What is it actually?Many users of Honda cars use the term "Honda OEM parts" in my mind. On the internet, you also see the terms "Honda genuine parts" or simply Honda OEM. What are these terms? What are these "mystery" parts?OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manu