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Honda genuine tensioner spring 14516-P2A-J00

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  • Product Code: 14516-P2A-J00
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Provide your Honda vehicle with the highest quality components by choosing the original timing belt tensioner spring with part number 14516-P2A-J00. This essential component, specifically designed for Honda vehicles, ensures optimal performance and reliability, synonymous with the Honda brand.

Application and Benefits:

The timing belt tensioner spring is a crucial element in your car's timing system. Its main task is to maintain the proper tension of the timing belt, which is key to the precise operation of the engine and preventing damage. An original Honda part guarantees that the timing belt will operate smoothly, reducing the risk of premature wear or failure that could lead to expensive repairs.

Technical Parameters:

    Part number: 14516-P2A-J00
    Manufacturer: Honda
    Compatibility: Specific to Honda models (it is recommended to check compatibility with your specific model and year of vehicle)
    Material: High-quality materials, meeting Honda's original specifications


Honda Civic 1991-2001 EJ9
Honda Civic 1997-2001 MB2
Honda Civic 1992-1995 EG8
Honda Civic 1994-1997 MA9
Honda Civic 1995-2001 EK3
Hodnda Civic 1997-2001 MB3
Honda Civic 1992-1995 EG5
Honda Civic 1992-1995 EH9
Honda Civic Coupe 1994-1996 EJ1
Honda Civic 1994-1997 MB1
Honda Civic Coupe 1995-2001 EJ6/EJ8
Honda Civic 1995-2001 EK1
Honda Civic 1995-2001 EJ7
Honda Civic Aerodeck 1998-2001 MB8
Honda Civic Aerodeck 1998-2001 MB9
Honda Civic CRX 1992-1998 EH6
Honda HR-V
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Engines: D14A3, D14A4, D14A7, D14A8, D15Z1, D15Z3, D15Z6, D15Z8, D16B2, D16Z6, D16Z9, D16Y2, D16Y7, D16Y8, D16W1, D16W5

Installation and Maintenance:

For maximum performance and durability, it is recommended that this part be installed by a certified mechanic specializing in Honda vehicles. Regular inspection and maintenance of the timing system, including the tensioner spring, will help identify potential issues before they turn into serious failures.

Why Choose an Original Honda Part?

Choosing original Honda parts, like this timing belt tensioner spring, you invest in the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. Original parts are designed and tested to meet Honda's stringent quality standards, ensuring seamless cooperation with other components and maximizing vehicle performance.

Ensure your Honda vehicle receives the best by choosing the original timing belt tensioner spring with part number 14516-P2A-J00. Its exceptional quality and precision manufacturing guarantee your car will provide you with trouble-free service for many years, ensuring a peaceful and safe drive.

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