• Clutch Kit - Xtreme Performance Heavy Duty Organic Incl Flywheel 600Nm Conversion kit Dual-mass to solid flywheel KHN24537-1A

Clutch Kit - Xtreme Performance Heavy Duty Organic Incl Flywheel 600Nm Conversion kit Dual-mass to solid flywheel KHN24537-1A

  • Availability: 48h
  • Brand: ACS
  • Product Code: KHN24037-1A
  • Weight: 16.00kg
  • 6,990.00zł

Xtreme Performance Sprung Organic Clutch Kit -1A: Enhanced Version for Street Performance & Towing - Stage 1

Upgrade your vehicle's drivability and performance with the Xtreme Performance Sprung Organic Clutch Kit, specifically engineered for vehicles with minor engine modifications. This Stage 1 kit is perfectly suited for enhancing daily driving capabilities while providing the necessary support for street performance and towing.

Enhanced Technical Specifications:

  • Clutch Disc Diameter: 240mm for optimal engagement.
  • Spline Count: 24 with a Spline Diameter of 26.4mm, ensuring robust transmission engagement.
  • Torque Capacity: Ready to handle up to 600Nm, ideal for additional towing power or performance needs.
  • Flywheel Step: Designed with a -9.48mm step for improved clutch functionality.
  • Design: A Single Plate setup focused on a blend of durability and performance.
  • Stage: Stage 1, aimed at Street Performance & Towing, offers an unparalleled balance between high performance and everyday driveability.
  • Tech Bulletins: Comes with TSB-226 for the latest installation and maintenance advice.
  • Clamp Load: Increased over standard for efficient power transfer.
  • Ring Gear Tooth Count: Selected specifically for the conversion process.
  • Conversion: Tailored for converting from a dual-mass to a single-mass flywheel, enhancing power transfer efficiency.
  • Weight: The kit's total weight is 15.8 KG, ensuring a balance between performance enhancement and ease of installation.

Vehicle Compatibility:

This clutch kit is designed for the following Honda models, ensuring a perfect fit and optimized performance:

  • Honda Civic IX (2015-2017) 2.0 Type R (FK2) K20C1 1996 Petrol 228kW (310 BHP)
  • Honda Civic X (From June 2017) 2.0 Type-R (FK8) K20C1 1996 Petrol 235 kW (320 BHP)
  • Honda Civic X (From September 2017) 2.0 Type-R (FK8) K20C1 1996 Petrol 228 kW (310 BHP)

What's in the Box? Included in the kit are all necessary components for a successful installation, such as the sprung organic clutch disc, heavy-duty pressure plate, and various accessories for upgrades or replacements during gearbox maintenance. This comprehensive package ensures that vehicle owners have everything they need for enhancing their vehicle's performance.

Xtreme Performance Commitment: At Xtreme Clutch, we're dedicated to offering a wide array of clutch options for every type of vehicle application. Whether you're enhancing a road vehicle or constructing a race car, our diverse range of stages, based on the friction disc material and number, guarantees a tailored solution for your specific needs.

By choosing the Xtreme Performance Sprung Organic Clutch Kit, you're investing in a high-quality, durable solution designed for both performance and reliability, tailored to suit your lifestyle whether it's for street performance, towing, or everyday driving.

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