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Engine oil Valvoline Maxlife 10W40 4L

Engine oil Valvoline Maxlife 10W40 4L
Engine oil Valvoline Maxlife 10W40 4L
  • Stock: 24h
  • Brand: Valvoline
  • Model: Maxlife 10w40 4L
  • Weight: 4.00kg
Ex Tax: 65.04zł

Valvoline MaxLife Motor Oil is the newest lubricant specially developed for engines with high mileage. Engines with high mileage have worse working parameters and elevated oil consumption. Valvoline MaxLife thanks to the unique additive system regenerates and conserves the seal also prevent leaks and minimizes oil consumption. Valvoline MaxLife effectively slows the aging process of the engine and extends its life. MaxLife is designed for passenger cars and light trucks with the course more than 100 000 km.

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