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Brand: Stone Model: JVS-40161
Set of valve cover gasket.Application:Engines of H22Ax series Honda Prelude 1992-2000Honda Accord 1998-2001..
Ex Tax:77.97zł
Brand: Stone Model: JVS-40135
Set the valve cover gasketsApplication:Honda CR-V 2.0 1995-2001 B20B2, B20B3, B20B9, B20Z1, B20Z3 Honda Integra 1.8 1989-1993 B18A1, B18A2 Honda Integra 1.8 1993-2001 B18B2, B18B3 Replaces OEM part No.  - 12030-PR4-000..
Ex Tax:47.97zł
Brand: Stone Model: JB-42047
Stone JB-42047 exhaust manifold gasket.Made in Japan.Replaces Honda genuine part number: 18115-P3F-003Application:Honda CR-V 1997-2001..
Ex Tax:36.59zł
Brand: Stone Model: JB-42034
Exhaust manifold gasket Honda B-series.Producer - Stone (japan)Application:Engines of series B: B16A1, B16A2, B18C4, B18C6 etc...
Ex Tax:32.52zł
Brand: Stone Model: JB-42356
Stone JB-42356 intake manifold gasket. Made in Japan.Replaces original Honda genuine parts: 17105-PHK-004, 17105-PR4-004It was used in the first generation of Honda CR-V, in B20B, B20Z engines..
Ex Tax:39.02zł
Valve cover gasket kit Honda K-series Stone JVS-40253 Valve cover gasket kit Honda K-series Stone JVS-40253
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Brand: Stone Model: JVS-40253
Honda K-series valve cover gasket kit.Set of gaskets. Includes: cover gasket, sparks seals, washers with seals.Manufacturer - Stone, made in Japan.Replaces original Honda OEM parts: 12030-PNA-000, 12030-PNA-010, 12030-PNA-020, 12030-PNC-000, 12030-rta-000Used in K-series engines, in the following ca..
Ex Tax:85.70zł
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