• Honda genuine engine oil 0W20 4L 08232-P99K4LHE

Honda genuine engine oil 0W20 4L 08232-P99K4LHE

  • Availability: 24h
  • Brand: Honda Genuine
  • Product Code: 08232p99k4lhe
  • Weight: 4.00kg
  • 329.00zł

The original Honda engine oil 08232-P99K4LHE ensures top-quality performance for your vehicle. Specifically designed for Honda engines, this oil meets the latest industry standards and norms, delivering optimal protection and efficiency for your engine.

Product Number: 08232-P99K4LHE

The advanced formula of the 0W20 oil provides excellent lubricating properties even in challenging operating conditions. The 0W20 viscosity grade means that this oil is perfect for both modern and older engines, offering outstanding protection against wear even in low temperatures.

Honda 08232-P99K4LHE oil has been meticulously developed to minimize friction and wear, resulting in an extended engine lifespan. Thanks to precisely selected components, this oil excels at keeping the engine clean, ensuring smooth operation.

Key Features:

  • Original Honda Product: Guarantees quality and compliance with manufacturer specifications.
  • Product Number: 08232-P99K4LHE: Unambiguous identification of genuine Honda oil.
  • Viscosity Grade 0W20: Excellent protection in various temperature conditions.
  • 4-Liter Packaging: Adequate oil quantity for most standard engines.

Invest in the health of your engine by choosing the original Honda engine oil 08232-P99K4LHE. With this oil, your vehicle will operate at optimal efficiency, and you can be confident that you are providing it with the best protection available on the market. Don't compromise on quality—choose genuine Honda products!

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