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Millermatic ATF SP III WS 1l

 Millermatic ATF SP III WS 1l
Millermatic ATF SP III WS 1l
  • Stock: 48h
  • Brand: Millers oils
  • Model: ATFSPIII-WS-1l
  • Weight: 1.00kg
Ex Tax: 36.59zł

Top-quality, fully synthetic oil for automatic transmissions. For use in automatic transmissions, designed to meet the high requirements of Japanese and Korean manufacturers.



Meets or exceed the demands:

Mitsubishi SP - II and SP - III

Toyota T-III, IV and Toyota T-WS

Nissan Matic C, D and Matic Matic J

Hyundai and Kia Mitsubishi rebrands of fluid

ATF Special Subaru,

Honda ATF-Z1 (except CVT)

JASO M315 1A

GM Dexron III and GM 9986195

Ford Mercon and Ford M2C 924-A

Aisin Warner JWS 3309

The specific weight of at 15 C ... 0.848

The kinematic viscosity at 100 C of 6.0 cSt ...

Freezing point ...- 42 C

Ignition temperature 200 C


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