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Cylinder Head

Brand: Honda OEM Model: 91213-PR3-004
Camshaft seal Honda OEM. Part No. - 91213-PR3-004. dimensions - 29x43x8.Replace Honda Genuine numbers: 91213-PR3-013, 91213-PR3-003 Used in engines: series B16A, B18C, H22. Civic, CRX, Integra, Prelude.....
Ex Tax:24.39zł
Brand: NOK japan Model: 19026197
Producer - NOK Dimensions 29x43x8. Used in engines: Series B16A, B18C, H22. Civic, CRX, Integra, Prelude.....
Ex Tax:14.63zł
Brand: Jdmshop Model: K-P30-004
The intake manifold gasket. Gasket is made of PTFE. Thickness 3 mm. Use in Honda: Honda Civic 1.6 1989-1991 B16A1 Honda Civic 1.6 1992-1995 B16A2 Honda Civic 1.6 1995-2001 B16A2 Honda Civic 1.6 1997-2001 B16A2 Honda CRX 1.6 1989-1991 B16A1 Honda CRX 1.6 1992-1998 B16A2 Honda Integra 1..
Ex Tax:73.17zł
Brand: ARS Arai Rubber Seals Model: ARS-5.5
Replacement for parts No. - 12210-PZ1-003,  12211-PZ1-003 Application: 1.0 - ECA1 1.2 - L12A1, L12A2, L12A3, L12A4 1.3 - L13A1, L13A3, L13A5, L13A6, LDA1, LDA2, D13B1, D13B2, D13B6, D13B7, D13B8 1.4 - D14A1, D14A2, D14A3, D14A4, D14Z1, D14Z2, D14Z5, D14Z6 1.5 - D15B1, D15B2, D15B6, D..
Ex Tax:80.49zł
Brand: Jdmshop Model: P-P73-004
Made of teflon. Thickness 3 mm. Replace OEM part No. -  16176-P73-004. Used in engines: B18C6, H22A7, F20C Application: Honda Integra 1998-2001 Honda Accord 1999-2001 ATR 2000-2005 Honda S2000..
Ex Tax:32.52zł
Brand: Victor Reinz Model: 71-53544-00
Exhaust manifold gasket Honda B-series. Producer - Victor Reinz Application: Engines of series B: B16A1, B16A2, B18C4, B18C6 etc...
Ex Tax:36.59zł
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