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Brand: Mahle/Knecht Model: LX1049
Apply to: Honda Civic 1.6 EJ B16A2 1994-1995 Honda Civic 1.5 EJ, EK D15Z6 1995-2001 Honda Civic 1.6 EK D16Y5 Honda Civic 1.6 EJ, EK, MB B16A2 1995-2001 Honda CR-V 2.0 RD B20B 1995-2001 Honda H-RV 1.6 1999- Replaces OEM filters: 17220-P2J-003, 17220-P2M-Y00, 17220-P2M-Y0..
Ex Tax:16.26zł
Brand: Mahle/Knecht Model: LX848
Apply to: Civic 1.4 D14A2, D14A5 1995-1997 Civic 1.4 D14A7/8 1997-2001 Civic 1.5 D15Z3 1994-1997 Civic 1.5 D15Z8 1997-2001 Civic 1.5 D15B2, D15Z1 1992-1995 Civic 1.5 D15B7 1994-1996 Civic 1.6 D16B2 1997-2001 Civic 1.6 D16Y3 1994-1997 Civic 1.6 D16Y6/Z9 1994-1996 Civic 1.6 D16Z6/7 1991..
Ex Tax:31.71zł
Brand: Mahle/Knecht Model: KL185
Fuel filter Knecht KL185Apply to: Honda Accord 1.8 F18A3 96-98 Honda Accord 2.0 F20Z1 96-98 Honda Accord 2.2 F22Z2 96-98 Honda Accord 1.6 D16B6 98-02 Honda Civic 1.4 D14A5 95-97 Honda Civic 1.5 D15Z3 94-97 Honda Civic 1.6 D16Y7 94-95 Honda Civic 1.6 D16Y3 94-97 Honda C..
Ex Tax:34.15zł
Oil filter Honda OEM 15400-PLM-A01
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Brand: Honda OEM Model: 15400-PLM-A01
Oil filter Honda OEM 15400-PLM-A01. High quality oil filter with excellent properties of filtering. One of of the crucial elements that affect the working and engine life. Filter Honda OEM 15400-PLM-A01 is used in most Honda gasoline engines ..
Ex Tax:40.00zł
Brand: Honda OEM Model: 15400-RTA-003
  Oil filter Honda OEM 15400-RTA-003. High quality oil filter with excellent properties of filtering. One of of the crucial elements that affect the working and engine life ..
Ex Tax:29.27zł
Brand: K&N Model: Hp-1004
Oil filter K&N HP-1004 Honda is used in most gasoline engines Hondas..
Ex Tax:39.02zł
Brand: K&N Model: PS-1004
Oil filter KN PS-1004 High flow filter designed to improve performance Designed for synthetic and conventional oils Premium filtration media for increased capacity Provides outstanding filtrationK&N Pro Series Oil Filters have been specially designed for professional ..
Ex Tax:32.52zł
Brand: Mahle/Knecht Model: OC617
OC617 is successor filter OC115. Is used in most gasoline engines Hondas..
Ex Tax:13.01zł
Brand: Mahle/Knecht Model: LA100
Cabin filter Knecht LA100. Apply to:Honda Civic 5 gen UK 1995-1996 (MA, MB)Honda Civic 6 gen UK 1997-2000 (MA, MB, MC)Honda Civic 6 gen JP 1996-2001 (Ej, EK)Honda CR-V 1997-2001 (with AC) Dimensions - 221,5 mm x 198,5 mm x 30 mm..
Ex Tax:31.71zł
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Ball joint upper. Diameter 33,..
55.00zł 65.01zł
Ex Tax:44.72zł
Left tie rod end. Producer CTR..
45.00zł 50.00zł
Ex Tax:36.59zł
Right tie rod end. Producer - ..
45.00zł 50.00zł
Ex Tax:36.59zł