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Electrical system

Brand: NGK Model: RC-HE82
Application: B20B, B20Z in Honda CR-V 1997-2001..
Ex Tax:188.62zł
Brand: Denso Model: IK20
Application:L12A1, L13A1, D13B2, D14A2, D14A3, D14A4, D14A7, D14A8, D16Z9, D15B7, D17A2, D17A6,F18A2, F18A3, F18B2, B20Z1,F20A2, F20A3, F20A4, F20A5, F20A6, F20A7,F20A8, F20B3, F20B5, F20B6, F20Z1, F20Z2, F20Z3, F22A3, F22A7, F22A8, F22B5,F22B8, F22Z2, H23A2, H23A3, F23A7, F23Z5, K20A (114KW, 1..
Ex Tax:27.64zł
Brand: Denso Model: K16TT
The newest technology developed by Denso. In comparison to standard spark plugs, Twin Tip technology saves fuel, improve ignition parameters and reduce exhaust emissions to the atmosphere.Application:D14Z2, D14Z3, D14Z4, D14Z8, D15Z1,D15Z3, D15Z6, D16B2, D16B6, D16W1, D16W3, D16Y5, D1..
Ex Tax:8.13zł
Brand: NGK Model: Zfr5j-11
Application:D14Z2, D14Z3, D14Z4, D14Z8, D15Z1,D15Z3, D15Z6, D16B2, D16B6, D16W1, D16W3, D16Y5, D16Y7, D16Y8, D16V1,B20B3, J30A1Please contact us to confirm fit..
Ex Tax:15.45zł
Brand: NGK Model: U1004
Coil ignition NGKReplaces OEM numbers:30510-PT2-00630510-p73-A0130510-p73-A01Apply to:- Honda Civic 1992-2000 (japanese and UK versions)- Honda Accord 1991-2002- Honda CRV 1997-2001- Honda HR-V- Honda Prelude 1992-2001- Honda Integra 1993-2001 ..
Ex Tax:126.02zł
Brand: YEC Model: K14019K24011
Japanese product. Apply to: Honda Civic 1998-2000 B18C4..
Ex Tax:73.17zł
Brand: YEC Model: K14011K24011
Japanese product. Apply to:Honda Accord 99-02 H22A7 Honda Civic 1992-1995 D15B2, D15Z1, D16Z6, B16A2 Honda Civic Coupe 1994-1995 D15B7, D16Z9 Honda Civic Coupe 1996-2000 D16Y7, D16Y8, B16A2 Honda Civic UK 1995-1996 D14A2, D15Z3, D16Y2, D16Y3 Honda Civic JP 1996-2001 D14Z1, D14Z2, D15Z..
Ex Tax:65.04zł
Brand: Honda OEM Model: 30110-pa1-732
Oring  30110-pa1-732.Size 26.4x3.1..
Ex Tax:10.57zł
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Engine oil specially designed ..
123.00zł 135.00zł
Ex Tax:100.00zł