Honda genuine parts - what is it ?
Honda genuine parts - what is it ?

Honda genuine parts - what is it ?

Genuine Honda OEM parts. What is it actually?

Many users of Honda cars use the term "Honda OEM parts" in my mind. On the internet, you also see the terms "Honda genuine parts" or simply Honda OEM. What are these terms? What are these "mystery" parts?

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". Does that mean these parts are manufactured by Honda itself? It is not quite like that. If Honda wanted to produce each part itself, imagine what the infrastructure and know-how would have to be behind it. What knowledge and what resources would be needed for such production? Automotive companies such as Honda are powerful corporations, but still prefer, or maybe it's just more profitable for them, to use external suppliers. So what are these "Honda OEM parts"? Nothing but parts supplied (in most cases) by other automotive companies, packaged in a box bearing the Honda logo and a special Honda-specific part number.

The original Honda part numbers are usually 11 characters long. For example, take a pan gasket for a Honda with a B-series engine - 11251-P30-004. The first five digits define the nature of the part. In this case, "11251", it means that we are dealing with a bowl gasket for Honda. And any other pan gasket will have the same part. The second element "P30" allows you to determine the type of car. The last "004" is the version of the product. We also find slightly longer numbers, which have 5 characters in the last segment, instead of 3. These are body parts or accessory parts that come in different color versions. And these two additional characters determine the color of the part. Of course, the above argument is not a Honda technical specification, but my knowledge is supported by experience in selling parts for Honda.

The number is printed on a distinctive red and white label that also includes the product barcode, country of origin, Honda logo, company name and the word "Genuine Parts". What when translated into ours means "real parts" in the context of "original parts."

What are the advantages of genuine Honda parts? First of all, they are original;). Unfortunately, you have to take into account that there are counterfeit Honda parts on the market. Also signed with the original number and a label deceptively reminiscent of the Honda one. When you buy at, you have the guarantee that it is an original part, and not a poor-quality counterfeit, which is a lot on the most popular auction site. Second - we have a guarantee that the parts we buy will strictly meet Honda's technical specifications. As a result, our car will receive the same part or the same quality as the one assembled at the factory for the first assembly. Third - 99% of genuine Honda parts are high quality parts. So we have a guarantee that we do not buy a sell. So is it worth buying original parts? Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no.

It's worth it because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. On the other hand, it's not always worth it, as you can find parts that are sold and signed with Honda numbers on the aftermarket. They are often the same parts, but in the manufacturer's packaging and it is certain that they can be purchased much cheaper than original Honda parts.

Where can I buy Honda originals? The first place that comes to mind is the authorized Honda dealerships where you buy cars. These are suppliers that stock the full range of Honda parts, typically within a few days. Not counting, of course, parts that have already ended. What can offer for OEM parts for Honda? In practice, much more than an authorized service. How is this possible one might ask.

For over 10 years, since I have been running my business, I have managed to establish close cooperation with one of the authorized services. This resulted in a significant discount when buying original parts. So it is not a problem to offer customers the sale of Honda OEM parts at very attractive prices, lower than those at Honda Dealership.

The second issue is cooperation with foreign suppliers. The benefits of importing original parts for Honda are related to the fact that in various regions of the world Honda differentiates the prices of the parts it signs. Having trusted foreign suppliers, I am able to offer my clients much lower prices for part of the Honda OEM range than those in Polish services.

Another issue is mail order. At, there is no problem for parts to reach any place in Poland, Europe or even the world. There is not always someone willing to ship packages with parts to the customer in a Honda showroom. And if the customer does not live in a large city, where ASOs are usually located, the purchase of parts may be associated with.