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Valve stem seals Supertech Honda

Valve stem seals Supertech Honda
Valve stem seals Supertech Honda
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  • Brand: Supertech
  • Model: VS-H5.5
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Supertech is an American manufacturer specializing in the production of components such as pistons, valves, valves springs, valve guides, and more.
All parts manufactured by Supertech have parameters exceeding the standard components installed by car manufacturers.
Sealers Supertech will prove themselves in cars of raised power, turbocharged and others that requires heavy-duty components.



1.0 - ECA1
1.2 - L12A1, L12A2, L12A3, L12A4
1.3 - L13A1, L13A3, L13A5, L13A6, LDA1, LDA2, D13B1, D13B2, D13B6, D13B7, D13B8
1.4 - D14A1, D14A2, D14A3, D14A4, D14Z1, D14Z2, D14Z5, D14Z6
1.5 - D15B1, D15B2, D15B6, D15B7, D15B8, D15Z1, D15Z3, D15Z6, D15Z8, D15Y3, L15A1, L15A6
1.6 - D16A6, D16A7, D16Z1, D16Z2, D16Z6, D16Z7, D16Z9, D16Y2, D16Y3, D16Y5, D16Y6, D16Y7, D16Y8, D16B2, D16W1, D16W2, D16W3, D16W4, D16W5, D16W7,  D16B6, D16B7, D16V1, B16A1, B16A2, B16A3
1.7 - D17A2, D17A5, D17A8, D17A9, D17Z2, D17Z3
1.8 - B18C1, B18C4, B18C6, R18A1, R18A2, F18A2, F18A3, F18B2, F18B3
2.0 - F20A2, F20A3, F20A4, F20A5, F20A8, F20Z1, F20Z2, F20B3, F20B5, F20B6, F20C1, F20C2, F20B7, K20A2, K20A1, K20A, K20A4, K20A5, K20A9, K20A6,K20Z3
2.2 - F22A1, F22A2, F22A4, F22B1, F22B4, F22B5, F22B8, H22A1, H22A2, H22A4, H22A5, H22A6, H22A7, N22A1, N22A2,
2.3 - F23A3, F23A4, F23A7, F23A8, F23Z5
2.4 - K23A3,
2.5 - G25A1, G25A4
3.0 - C30A1, C30A3, C30A4, J30A1
3.2 - C32A2
3.5 - J35A, J35A4, J35A5, J35A6, J35A9, C35A1, C35A2, C35A3, C35A4, C35A5


sealants brown - on valves sucking

sealants turquoise - on exhaust valves

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