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Engine oil Millers Oils CFS 10w50 NT 5l Motorsport

Fully synthetic high-performance motor oil with a formula Triple Ester and nano particles (Nanodrive). Designed to modified engines and rally cars engines.



The maximum operating temperature was 125 C, a momentary maximum operating temperature: 150C

Exceeds the requirements for API SM / CF and ACEA A3 / B4.

SAE 10W50

The density of 0.868 at 15 ° C

Kinematic viscosity at 100C 19.8 cSt

Kinematic viscosity at 40C 131.5 cSt

Viscosity index of 173

Freezing point <-25C

Flash point> 200C

Viscosity at -25C cold 5,439cP

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