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Engine oil Millers Oils CFS 0w20 5l Motorsport

Fully synthetic high-performance engine oil for petrol and diesel engines. Used without any additives in engines where the main criterion is power of the engine which has been designed for this type of oil.



Greatly exceeds the requirements API SL / CF and ACEA A3 / B4

Temperature up to 125C, momentarily up to 150 C.

SAE 0W20

The specific weight of at 15 ° C: ... 0.854

Kinematic viscosity at 100C ... 8.3 cSt

Kinematic viscosity at 40C ... 47.3 cSt

Viscosity index ... 151

Freezing point ... <- 35C

Ignition temperature > 200 ° C

Cold viscosity at -30 ° C ... 6,200cP

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