• Engine oil Trident 5w30 5l

Engine oil Trident 5w30 5l

  • Availability: 48h
  • Brand: Millers oils
  • Product Code: TRI5W30-5
  • Weight: 5.00kg
  • 135.00zł

Semi-synthetic motor oil of high quality designed for the high demands of modern cars.

For use in modern cars, in which the manufacturer recommends the use of this type of oil. Trident 5w30 is particularly recommended for use in modern cars that require energy efficient oil, saving fuel, diesel engines and gasoline.





Perfect for many engines requiring oil 5w30, including Japanese cars and Ford.

SAE: 5W30

The specific weight of at 15 ° C 0.857

Kinematic viscosity at 100C of 10.9 cSt

Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C 64 cSt

Viscosity index of 169

Pour point <-30 ° C

Flash point> 200C

Cold Viscosity at -30 ° C up to 6,600 cps

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