• Engine oil Millers Oils CFS 0w30 NT 5l Motorsport

Engine oil Millers Oils CFS 0w30 NT 5l Motorsport

  • Availability: 48h
  • Brand: Millers oils
  • Product Code: CFS0W30NT-5
  • Weight: 5.00kg
  • 375.00zł

Fully synthetic high-performance motor oil with a formula Triple Ester and nano particles (Nanodrive). Designed to modern high performance engines that require oil reducing friction and increasing power.

Used without any additives in engines where the main criterion is the power of the engine. Ideal for high-speed engines



The maximum constant operating temperature: 125C, a momentary maximum operating temperature: 150C

Exceeds the requirements for API SM / CF and ACEA A3 / B4.

SAE 0w30

The density of 0.853 at 15 ° C

Kinematic viscosity of 11.1 cSt at 100C

Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C 62.2 cSt

Viscosity index of 173

Freezing point < -40C

Ignition temperature t> 200C

Cold viscosity at -35C  6,200cP

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